Learn to Row — New Rower

ADULT (18+) LTR I and II $350
includes Learn-to_Row sessions 1 and 2 and full season membership
JUNIOR LTR I and II (grades 7 and 8; high school and college or university undergrad) $250
includes Learn-to-Row sessions 1 and 2 and full season membership

Family Rowing Package

Family Discount: 10% off for 3rd membership
20% off for 4th or more membership

Recreational Rowing

ADULT REC (returning members) $310*
JUNIOR REC (returning members) $210*

*Experienced rowers with a valid Row Canada number may join at the Returning Member rate without completion of the LTR Program. Contact CRC at: collingwoodrowing@gmail.com


$35 (This is for Safety Boat drivers and coxswains to cover Row Canada participant insurance cost.)

Boat Storage

for more information on storing privately owned boats contact collingwoodrowing@gmail.com